Joseph Arteaga


Internal Medicine

About Joseph Arteaga

Hi I am Dr Arteaga I treat general medicine problems and endocrinology issues.

Question Rate


A monthly subscription to Dr. Arteaga includes:

- Ask 1 questions a month, by text or video

- Recieve 1 educational videos every month

- Recieve 1 educational emails every month

In addition to the online services, as a concierge patient you "Skip the waiting room", meaning you get the first available exam room, we also try to prioritize your calls/issues when possible.

Subscription Rate


How it works

1 - Anyone can ask a question to get a personalized. educational video from the doctor, for a one time fee.

2 - Subscribe to the doctors "concierge services" for their monthly fee, and get all of the services that the doctor offers.

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