About Us

We are doctors, and health practitioners who want to build a resource to help people become more educated on their medical issues.

The global COVID 19 pandemic created a more urgent need to enhance the medical system, and to provide more resources for people to use from the comfort of their home.

We hope that VideoMD provides an additional resource to fill this need.

At VideoMD, we consider ALL healthcare practitioners to be influencers, whether their audience is from a large social media presence, or just a local audience in their area.  Our goal is to help them educate their audience on medical issues.  It is a role they cherish as first line practitioners, and we hope to help them on VideoMD.  

Importantly, we aim to improve the physician-patient relationship, and decrease  physician burnout, which has worsened since the COVID pandemic.  VideoMD Concierge Services was built to help physicians easily add Concierge Services to their practice using cutting edge technology, including animated educational videos, and AI generated content.   We hope to improve the healthcare experience for both doctors and patients/

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