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Internal Medicine

About Inga Friedman

I am Dr Inga Friedman, I have been in practice in East Brunswick NJ for many years. I am a board certified internist.

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A monthly subscription to Dr. Friedman includes:

- Ask 1 questions a month, by text or video

- Recieve 2 educational videos every month

- Recieve 2 educational emails every month

You will "SKIP THE WAITING ROOM", as a Concierge patient, and go into the first available exam room, with EVERY visit.

We will also do our best to accommodate any requests from Concierge Patients, including scheduling.

ALL questions through VideoMD are answered by an AI digital assistant, who will forward to me, when appropriate.

The content provided (email and videos), are chosen by me, to help you learn about medical issues.

I hope you will consider this additional care.

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How it works

1 - Anyone can ask a question to get a personalized. educational video from the doctor, for a one time fee.

2 - Subscribe to the doctors "concierge services" for their monthly fee, and get all of the services that the doctor offers.

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